Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two Pieces of a Heart

In Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green takes us into the blended family.  How would the relationships in the family affect the people involved?


Andi could not be happier to finally find the man of her dreams Ethan.  There is one small catch to this relationship.  He has two daughters Sophia and Emily.  His ex-wife is an alcoholic can barely take of herself much less her daughters.  So Andi has them the most of the time.  While Andi gets along great with Sophia; her patience is tested with the other daughter Emily.  What can she do to win her favor?  Emily on the other hand wants Andi gone and out of her life.  Will she succeed?  Will Andi be able to have everything she wanted?

My Thoughts: 

I absolutely loved this novel!  I did not think I would say this because of the subject matter of the blended family and divorce.  I didn’t think that I would find it relatable since I am single with no children of my own. I did have opinions of what I thought the characters should do because of my background as a Special Education Paraprofessional.   I found myself fighting for Andi with her take on the events occurring with Emily.  I wanted Ethan to open his eyes and see what is truly going on with his daughter.   I also found myself fighting for Emily and wanting to see her succeed, and get a second chance.

This story is told from two different points of view Andi’s and Emily’s.  You hear also from the other characters that help to pace the story.   This created an interesting dynamic with the characters because you brought both sides of the story. 
The story is set just outside of San Francisco in the Mill Valley area.  This setting is opposite from most of her novels because they are set on the east coast or in England. 
I look forward to more novels by Jane Green and hope you all will too!



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Casting Couch:

Andi:  Jennifer Aniston

Ethan:  Michael Vartan

Sophia:  Abigail Breslin

Emily: Chloe Bennet

Drew:  Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Toffa:   John Cryor

Michael Flanagan:  Aaron Taylor Johnson

Janis:  Virgina Madsen

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