Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Come and Join us For a Night Out With the Ladies Review and Giveaway

Are you having a hard time with your ex?  Do you need to just get away from life’s circumstances?  Come and join us for Ladies' Night...Would you like to win a goodies bag with a paperback copy of Mary Andrew's Ladie's Night with some other goodies?


Grace is a lifestyle blogger and with her blog Gracenotes.  Her husband Ben keeps track of the advertising, and her assistant J’aimee does the rest.  One night Grace stumbles upon Ben and J’aimee in a compromising position and promptly loses her composure.  So much so in fact that Ben’s prized position, his car is in the bottom of the pool.  Grace decides to leave throws a few things into a suitcase and goes to her mom’s house.  Once at her mom’s she finds out that Ben is seeking a divorce.  She consults with an attorney and winds up in divorce therapy.  All is not as it seems with her therapist or the judge.  Will Grace be able to start over?

My Thoughts:

Another great read from Mary Kay Andrews.   I learned something about blogging from her character Grace.  I love when a novel gives you an idea for either trying something new or growth in something you have already started such as blogging (for me).  I enjoyed this novel!  I had an idea of what this story might look like from the title.  I was very interested to see how the story would progress.  I am left with a few questions for me on some characters like what is going with Paula the therapist of the divorce support group?  What is behind Stackpole’s decision to send the ladies to see Paula?    When is Ben the antagonist in this book going to get what he deserves?  In fact I flipped pages ahead for a sneak peak to find out what happens.



Would you like to win a copy of Ladies Night and some other goodies? And here's
a list of what all will be in the fabulous goody bag: 

    Signed copy of LADIES' NIGHT in paperback
    Set of 3 LADIES' NIGHT recipe cards
    LADIES' NIGHT drink coasters
    Cocktail umbrellas
    LADIES' NIGHT drink cup
    Three different Mary Kay Andrews bookmarks
    SAVE THE DATE magnet
    Set of 3 SAVE THE DATE recipe cards
    News about a special SAVE THE DATE pre-order gift

  You must be a US Resident and leave an e-mail address.  

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  2. I love your novels Mary Kay Andrews! I can't wait to read this one, winner or not!

    For my ladies night, my friends and I would go casual. We'd have an amazing dinner and dessert at an exquisite and probably expensive restaurant (some form of rich lobster, an ENORMOUS shrimp cocktail and the richest chocolate cake for me!) with tons of laughter and sparkling conversation, and then a great movie (with popcorn, of course) with handsome men who get half naked!
    That's my ideal ladies night - good food, great conversation, yummy eye candy!

  3. Ladies night is usually a couple times a year. We usually go somewhere that we can sit outside and eat, and end of talking and laughing for hours (or until the server stops refilling our sweet tea)

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  5. I would blog about baking delicious cookies and cakes!

  6. I do have a blog . My daughter and I blog abut anything and everything. Check us out at

    1. Jeryl your blog looks nice. I wish that I could be a little more technically inclined.

  7. This giveaway is great :) I would never have a blog because I wouldn't know how or where to start lol

  8. If I had a blog it would be about great ladies' nights, book clubs, wine tastings, volunteer work, etc. Can't wait to read the latest!

  9. I currently have a blog that is oddly enough about books. I write about the books I read.

    I would love a chance to read this book. It sounds really really good.

  10. This is such a great book. Mary Kay Andrews is my favorite author. Kathy

  11. If I had a blog, it would be about the reading (book reviews) and raising children to be confident and well-adjusted (I have 4 of my own).

  12. I would blog about books, definitely!! It's what I know!

  13. Thanks, this looks great! Love your books!

  14. I suppose my blog would consist mostly of reviews of all the media I consume: books, music, TV, and movies.

  15. If I had a blog it would be focused on food and cooking for my family.

  16. Blog would be about ---well, actually three things come to mind 1) books, most definitely books. 2) needlework crafting 3) children. Ronnalord ( at ) msn ( dot) com

  17. My blog would be about cooking family recipes that were handed down from generations.

  18. Actually, I have a blog it's about snackswap.

  19. My blog would probably be about finds at garage sales and secondhand stores(etc) in and around town. My friends and I love to go "picking" together and alone and love telling each other of our adventures and finds!

  20. If I had a blog it would have to be a potpourri. I am interested in many things and I would go off on tangents all the time!! :)