Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Three to Get Deadly

The Casting couch would not be complete if we didn’t include a Janet Evanovich novel.  Today we are featuring Three to Get Deadly.  Are you ready for another Stephanie Plum adventure?


Stephanie is ready for her next case.  What will it be?  The file she is handed covers the person of Uncle Moe.  He is known as a fine and upstanding business man and how could he possible miss a court date?  Stephanie starts to look for him with the help of Lulu a prostitute she saved during her first case.  Ranger is always ready for backup.  When Stephanie starts to make progress dead bodies start showing up and she needs help from Joe Morrelli.  How helpful will he be?  What is really behind Moe’s absence from court?  Why do dead bodies seem to keep popping up?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the first book in the Stephanie Plum series and is ready for the next one.  This novel is full of humor and read appropriately by Lori Petty.  I was not wild about her narration but she read it with the setting. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the story and it characters you have:  Stephanie Plum, Her parents, Grandma Mazur, Cousin Vinny, Joe Morrelli, and Ranger.  It was nice to learn more about these characters and see more growth.  We also meet Stephanie’s ex-husband Dickey Orr. 

The tension is kept moving between Stephanie and Morrelli.  The author gives us a taste of what is to come.  I am ready for the next one.  

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Casting Couch:
Stephanie Plum:  Catherine Heigl
Ranger:  Daniel Sunjata
Joe Morrelli: Jason O’Mara
Lulu: Sherri Shepherd
Cousin Vinny: Patrick Fischler
Mr. Plum: Louis Mustillo
Mrs. Plum: Deborah Monk
Uncle Moe: Al Pacino
Grandma Mazur:  Debbie Reynolds
Eddie Gazzarra:  Nate Mooney
Connie:  Ana Reeder
Jackie: Ryan Michelle Bathe

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