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How We’d Cast YOUR PERFECT LIFE by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Thank you to Liz and Lisa for stopping by Writer’s Corner today to discuss casting Your Perfect
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Life.  This novel is a must read for the summer!

Of course we’ve thought of how we’d like to cast YPL.  When writing it, we’d have fun daydreaming about the man candy that could fill the shoes of Charlie and John, the two leading men in our novel. We also constantly wondered which actresses had the spunk to carry off Rachel and Casey, two childhood best friends who wake up the morning after their twentieth high school reunion to discover they’ve switched bodies. And after much (heated!) discussion, (and maybe even some hair pulling) we’ve finally come to an agreement!

Rachel: We loved writing Rachel—she’s a frenzied mom of three who doesn’t feel like her husband or kids appreciate her anymore and she’s convinced it’s because she’s somehow lost her sparkle along the way.  We think Jennifer Garner would be a great choice because once Casey slips in to Rachel’s body, there’s a whole lot of new mom discombulation going on. We think Jennifer would be brilliant at showing the ups and downs of motherhood while also being funny and endearing in the role. (Oh, and maybe we’d get to meet Ben Affleck?)

Destiny:  Oh, how we love Destiny, Casey’s loyal and sassy assistant. Whoever plays her would need some serious attitude.  Hmmm…how about Gabrielle Union? We’ve been in love with her since Bring it On!

Photo credit Debbie Friedrich
Casey: Casey stole our hearts as a celebrity host who has spent so much time moving up the ladder that she’s forgotten herself along the way.  When Rachel is forced to live as Casey, she must figure out how to navigate her A-list life. And who better to do that than the fabulous Elizabeth Banks?

John: Rachel’s high school sweetheart and husband MUST be played by Josh Charles. (And hello, he’s totally available after getting killed off on The Good Wife!) We think he’s a perfect choice to play a man who finally wakes up after falling asleep at the wheel in his relationship.

Charlie: This one is a no brainer--Josh Duhamel.  Because we love him and must meet him one day! Oh yes, and we’re also quite sure he’d do a brilliant job of capturing Charlie’s sensitive, loving heart.

What you y’all? Who would YOU cast?

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