Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peter Pan and Mary Alice Monroe

When I was little I remember going to the Muny Theater in St. Louis to see the play Peter Pan.  I loved it as a child!  I also love the ride at both Disney parks.  To me Peter Pan inspires your imagination.  Mary Alice Monroe takes on Peter Pan in her latest novel Second Star to the Right.


Faye O’Neil and her children Tom and Maddie move to a flat in London.   Tom has suffered emotionally and psychologically from an accident.  His sister Maddie is very cautious and looks after her brother.   She is there to start a new job.  This flat is special in many ways because the children begin to have hope through the little lights they see in the evening.  They also are obsessed with Wendy Darling Forester who shares great stories of Peter Pan.  Faye is not sure about encouraging the imagination of her children.  Will her son Tom’s struggles change her mind?  Will he succeed in encouraging Faye’s imagination?

My Thoughts:

I unfortunately did not love this novel.  I very much enjoy Mary Alice’s writing but this novel struck me as being different than what she usually publishes.  Don’t get me wrong I love the idea surrounding the idea of Peter Pan.  I just struggled in keeping my interest in the story. 

I thought the setting was great!  The Flat is described as the Darling home which Wendy inherited.  Her daughter later transforms into apartments.  This house includes a description of the garden.  This garden was influenced by Wendy’s experience with Peter Pan. 

I was also able to share the emotional up and down of the characters.  

Don’t miss her next novel coming out soon!



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