Thursday, January 30, 2014

Think Pride Prejudice with a Twist!

Glenice asked that we share her debut novel her on Writer’s Corner. The Absolute
Being Of Nothingness" is scheduled to be released to the public on February 25th byTate Publishers!    So, I am going to let Glenice tell you a little about her latest novel.

This is the story of Gwendolyn David who is the most awesome dating divalicious, sexy goddess, Pulitzer Prize winning career driven woman extraordinaire! Well to be quite honest, future Pulitzer Prize winner and yet to have a boyfriend!!!... These are just minor hiccups if you ask her!

In reality, this is a story of Gwendolyn David a self absorbed, totally lovable, slightly dizzy single woman in NYC with secret superhero fantasies. Her penchant for getting into trouble throws her into the path of a modern day Mr. Darcy, a sardonic and mysterious stranger.

From the moment they set eyes on each other, they draw swords. Will they trade their swords for ploughshares?

Amidst the fireworks, enter the delicious Dr. Mark Beasley. The golden boy, the man you take home to meet your parents.

Where will her heart lead her? To Mark for whom she risks life and limb to impress him(yes! she goes hiking with him!) or Daniel who she would love to exile to Antarctica?

Her novel is listed as a giveaway on  This is a novel that is worth checking out.  Please feel free to contact Glenice on Facebook, or Twitter.

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