Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What is the Definition of a Flapper?

Angela Smith shares her debut novel Lessons In a Flapper with us today at Writer’s Corner.  This story comes at the best time for the holidays.


Autumn has just moved to San Francisco and is trying to put her past behind her.  One day in the mail she receives a letter from an older lady. Her name is Marisol and she is 99 years old and knows a great deal about the twenties.  Marisol offers to share this knowledge with Autumn who has a great interest in the twenties as well.  Life begins to take a different turn, and instead of bad things happening all the time.  She starts to see some events turn in her favor.  For instance, Autumn meeting the man of her dreams Bayani.  Could there also be a new job in her future?  What will happen with her new relationships?

My Thoughts:

This debut novel is a delightful read for the holidays.  I love how she included Christmas and Thanksgiving as events in the novel. There is a mix of humor with a dash of sadness that brings about a great story.  Readers who liked Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella will love this novel!

She does a great job with research and defining what a flapper is.  I learned a little about the slang of the twenties.  In some way I think this made the characters more memorable.  I did lose interest in some parts but Ms. Smith did a great job of bringing me back into the story.  I also know that we can plan to see more from her in the future.   I can’t wait to see what the next chapter will bring!



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