Thursday, December 26, 2013

Everyone Needs to Pay a Visit to Songbird

Mary Kay Andrews comes through with another winner!  If you are looking for the
perfect after Christmas read! Check out The Fixer Upper!


Dempsey and her friends are watching the television at the bar.  The news does not look good. She watches her boss Alex Hodder on the screen with Congressman Licata.  The headline Law firm brides congressman for vote.  After seeing this Dempsey suddenly finds herself without a job and under investigation.  Her father comes up with the perfect solution.  He would like her to renovate an old house that he inherited Songbird in Guthrie Georgia.  There is one little catch it comes with something else.  Will Dempsey be able to renovate Songbird?  Will the little surprise that comes with the house keep her from moving forward?  Will she help the FBI?

My Thoughts:

Another great read novel by Mary Kay Andrews! I first saw this novel when Mary Kay Andrews was on tour and met Mary Kay for the first time.   I listened to this novel and it was narrated very well.  The story has great humor and plot.

One aspect of Mary Kay Andrew’s writing is the setting.  The setting for this story is Georgetown and Guthrie Georgia.  The only thing I can tell you about where Guthrie is that it is close to Griffin Georgia.  For those of you who don’t know Georgia area well it is near Macon.   She is very descriptive about what you can expect if you happen to visit the area. 

Let me introduce you to Birdsong the house mentioned in the novel.  I am not very handy myself but I found myself wanting to know more about the house’s renovation.  I also was interested in the other stories within the plot such as Ella Kate, and what would eventually happen to her. 

The reader will not be disappointed!



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