Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Would You Do To Find Yourself?

Audrey Niffenegger tells and interesting story in Her Fearful Symmetry.  This is a tale of sibling rivalry and sacrifice.  


Elspeth Noblin is preparing for her death. What she will decide to do with her estate?  She does not want her sister and twin Edie to have it.  So that leaves the twins Julia and Valentina who must live in her flat in London for one year and then they can decide what to do with it.   Julia and Valentina do everything together!  This is starting to wear thin on Valentina who wants desperately to make her own decisions.  Julia tries to control everything about her.  Can the neighbors Martin and Robert help?  What secret are Elspeth and Edie hiding from their family?

My Thoughts:

I was excited at the time to read Her Fearful Symmetry.  The story was easy to follow.  It had a slow start!    The author communicated well the struggles each of the characters had within the story.  Julia‘s desire to control, Martin’s obsessive compulsive disorder, Robert’s grief, and Valentina’s lack of confidence.

Should you desire a great Halloween read then this novel is for you!  

Some of the themes centering on ghosts made me a little uncomfortable .I am not a fan of ghosts and some of the communication methods.  I figure that this is how the author was finding a way to communicate.  In some ways it is beautiful the thought of the afterlife.   I just so badly wanted these characters to move on.



You can reach Audrey on Facebook Page, Twitter, and her Website.

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