Friday, November 1, 2013

What Would You Decide?

Being Elizabeth is the final chapter in the Ravenscar Dynasty series by Barbara Taylor
Bradford.  The final chapter chronicles the life of Elizabeth (Tudor) Turner.


Elizabeth Turner will finally inherit the Managing Director of Deravenels.  Her sister Mary has passed after her bout with cancer.  She is advised by Cecil Williams and Robert Dunly.  Their goal is to turn around Deravenels after Mary’s death.  Elizabeth is adamant that she won’t marry but will that keep her from future happiness?   Her cousin Marie Stuart also wants the Managing Director position will she find the power necessary to overtake Elizabeth?

My Thoughts:

I looked forward to reading this novel because Barbara Taylor Bradford is one of my favorite authors.  I was not impressed with this novel.  I wonder if the title came from the fact that they had no idea what to otherwise call the novel.  Another title could be Elizabeth’s Decisions.

What was Queen Elizabeth really like?  Did her life truly involve her decisions and the men involved in it?  I wonder if anything more exciting happened?
Unfortunately I can’t really offer any more insight than the above.



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