Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Place, a New Start with Joann Ross

The final Read for Pink novel we are covering for the month of October is Sea Glass
Winter by Joann Ross.  I have a new town to share with you Shelter Bay.


Claire and Matt move from Beverly Hills California to Shelter Bay Oregon.  They are hoping for a new start.  Dillon is leaving the army to teach high school physics at Shelter Bay High and he will be the Basketball Coach.  Dillon visits one of the local restaurants one morning and hears about the phenom who is coming to Shelter Bay High school.  Matt will  on his own turn this team around.  Dillon looks forward to meeting him but keeping his expectations low due to his shady past.  His mother assures him that all of it is behind Matt.  Will Dillon believe that?  Does he find something else to keep his interest besides her son? 

My Thoughts:

Joann Ross is a new author to me.  I found this novel enjoyable and interesting!  There is apparently a whole series of Shelter Bay novels.  The author created a fictional town to set her characters in Shelter Bay.   I have found this formula for a plot entertaining and am delighted to see how far it goes.  The only part that I didn’t enjoy is the other characters that seemed to have mini stories within the main story.  I wanted to hear about them but I thought it distracted from the main story. 



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