Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Welcome to Sullivan’s Island!

Sullivan’s Island is the treasure of the low country.  In Return to Sullivan’s Island Beth Hays makes a return to this treasured island.  Her family has asked her for a
commitment for a year. 


Is this a commitment that she wants?  Beth goes despite obligation to family.  Her mother Susan is leaving to go to France and teach at the University.  Her Aunt Maggie is going to California with her family.  So someone must stay at the house!    Her Aunt Sophie suggests for her to go and get a job, and use the experience to write her book.  One job is as a freelance journalist for the local paper.  Beth’s first assignment is the destruction of a favorite landmark and the new construction project.  She is worried that this project goes against the rich history of Sullivan’s Island.  Max Mitchell is the developer and sparks Beth’s interest.  What will this relationship go anywhere?  What will happen to Beth’s family?   Will they forgive her for her choices?

My Thoughts:

This is my first Dorothea Benton Frank novel.  I can tell you that I am ready for the next one.  I listened to this novel as an audiobook.  Robin Miles is an excellent reader/narrator.  I hope that she is part of more of Dorothea’s novels.   I did come into this series in the second book.  I felt that I might have missed a little of the history of the Hamilton family. 

The author’s style of writing brings the reader in and makes them comfortable.  She communicated an obvious love for the low country.   The author paints a vivid picture of what is it like to be at Sullivan’s Island.    This novel is rich in culture and history of the south.



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