Thursday, November 7, 2013

How Do You Move On From Loss of a Loved One?

Thank you to Penguin and Netgalleyfor this copy of Blackberry Winter.  I was given this in exchange for an honest review.  Sarah Jio has another great story!

Vera and Claire have one thing in common they have both lost children.   One day in the present Claire a reporter is asked to write a story for the Seattle Herald about the last Blackberry Winter in 1933.  There was one major event where a child went missing.   While Claire investigates this story she is also dealing with a husband who is not really present in her life.  We also meet Vera the mother of the missing boy back in 1933.  Part of this story is told by Vera as she shares what happened during that winter.  What happened to Vera?  What happened to the little boy?  Will finding the answers help Claire to move on?

My Thoughts:

I liked this story and wanted to see how it turned out.   I had a hard time liking the character of Claire initially.  The author did a great job conveying her sadness to the readers.   I also was heartbroken for Vera and her loss.   The plot was what got most of my interest.  I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out.   Ms. Jio is developing into quite a storyteller. 

I have not experienced loss like both these mothers did.  I hope to know what it is like to have a family in my future.   I do understand fighting for what is right and fighting for the right to tell a story that needs to be told. One aspect that is true about our culture is the class divide between the wealthy and the poor.  These distinctions are not as true today as they were in the past. 



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