Thursday, October 3, 2013

Karen White Gives a Wonderful Beach Read for the Summer

The Beach TreesI am excited to finally bring Beach Trees by Karen White here to Writer’s Corner. She is also the chair this year for the Read for Pink Campaign.


Julie and Beau travel to Biloxi Mississippi to take possession of River Song a house in Beau’s family.  Beau is the son of Monica Guidry and her friend Julie becomes his guardian.   Monica is recently deceased.   Julie thinks that she will stay at the house until she sees the remnants of the house left over from hurricane Katrina.   Monica leaves instructions for what Julie is to do to help her son.   Julie slowly meets the family and the Matriarch Amy Guidry.   Amy assists Julie with the rebuilding and by sharing her story that helps them solve the puzzle that Monica left.   What will Julie find? 

My Thoughts:

Ms.  White crafts a wonderful story!  I found the book very engrossing.   I couldn’t wait to see what might happen next.   A mystery is plotted with precision throughout the story.

This story covers two very powerful hurricanes “Katrina” and “Camille.”  Each one was powerful and destructive in its own way.  Camille is a little before my time but I remember the devastation after Katrina.     I also remember the fortitude of the people who served and had the courage to start over.  Do you think you could do the same?



Karen would love to hear from you.   You can visit her on Facebook or her website.

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