Friday, September 13, 2013

What Secrets Are Found on the Island?

Thank you to BookSparks Pr and Berkley Trade for sending me the novel Little Island.    A family gathering that turns into so much more full of secrets and intrigue.

Grace is looking forward to her family getting together to celebrate the life of her mother Joanie.  When a family gathering occurs then conflicts arise.  There is a conflict which has shattered the lives of her children. Joy knows what happened twenty years ago but agreed to stay silent.  She is also considering whether to leave her husband.  There has always been a rift between her and her twin siblings.  Roger has recently finished serving his time for a murder charge which stems from the accident, and he is trying to start over.  Will his twin let him?  Tamar has always been in control except for the accident those twenty years ago.  She has stayed in control at work.  Her husband has been relegated to the role of nanny for their twin daughters.  He is not coming this weekend.  Will she be able to cope?  Once the secret is revealed how will this impact the family?

My Thoughts:

Little Island is an interesting story.  The author does a great job of setting up the plot.   She introduces you to the characters and weaves the conflict within their relationships.  The story is a little detail heavy but it is important to follow the rest of the story.   There is also a clear distinction of how those characters affect one another and their lives.  For me I lost interest at points while the characters were being introduced.  This is a good novel.



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