Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Could Be Better Than Creating Your Own Show?

What would you do if the network finally offered you your own show?  Ruth Saunders
found herself about experience the highlight of her career.


Ruth Saunders is a television writer who has decided to go west with her grandma to write for television shows in Hollywood and maybe create her own?  The move proves to be a good one for both of the ladies.  Grandma finds work as a bit actor on many different shows.  Ruth is moving her way up the ladder working on various shows.  This work leads her to the Daves who offer not only a job but help to move forward with her ultimate goal her own show.  Ruth has an idea which the Daves help her to foster and make it to the network.   She thinks she has hit it big until the network comes forward with all these changes.  Will Ruth acquiesce or make stand for her show?  Could the show play a bigger role in her life than what she thought?

My Thoughts:

I will say that I liked this novel.  I felt that there were some great moments but I occasionally found myself losing interest.  I loved how she contrasted the characters of Ruth and Little Dave with the Hollywood actors that appeared on the Next Best Thing.  The author in subtle ways compared the glamour the actors to everyday norms.  Jennifer wrote this novel during time of developing The State of Georgia.  I wondered how much of her experience might have made it into the novel.  Overall this novel is enjoyable and I loved the ending!



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