Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wonder what life was like back in the 80s?

Welcome back to the 80s!  Thank you to BookSparks PR and Fiction Studio Books for sending me a copy to share with you.   I am glad to share Jennifer Gooch Hummer’s novel Girl Unmoored.


Apron lives in Maine and has recently lost her mother.  The new woman in her dad’s life M may not be what she seems.   M seems to enjoy wreaking havoc in Apron’s life.   As Apron goes through the year and goes what will she discover about herself?  How will she survive her mother’s death?   Then there is life at school.  What will she do without her best friend Rennie? 

My Thoughts:

Girl Unmoored is a beautiful moving tale about a girl named Apron and her experiences.   The novel is told from the perspective of a thirteen year old’s world.   I felt that it was written well.  Also it is set in the 1980s.  Who doesn’t remember that time in their life?   I know I look upon it with fond memories.   The main themes in the story are second marriages by the father, jealousy, and peer pressure at the middle school level.

This novel was not one of my personal favorites.  Although it was written well, I just couldn’t get interested in the story.  I did not connect with Apron’s experiences.  I know that this novel is very popular, but I am afraid it was a miss for Writer’s Corner.



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  1. This sounds like a great book

    Marlene Engel

  2. Looking forward to reading this and would be thrilled to be selected as your winner.

    Connie Fischer

    Will tweet and share on Facebook.