Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Journey to Another Time

Have you ever thought about visiting Scotland in 1743?    This question and more is answered in Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.


Claire is on honeymoon trip with her husband Frank Randall.  Frank is a historian and has a position with Oxford University when they get back.   They are reconnecting in hopes of rekindling their romance since they were separated in the second world war.  One day while Frank is visiting a friend and his housekeeper shows Claire how to read leaves in  her tea.  The housekeeper foresees that she will have two marriages.  Claire’s first thought is it must be a mistake or would something happen to Frank?  Little does she know circumstance with change when she visits the stones at Cragna Dunn?   What will she find through the rocks?

My Thoughts:

This is not my first time through Outlander.  The first novel in a series introduces you to the main players in the future novels.   The point of this book is to introduce you to Jaime, Claire, and Frank.  I found the conflict to be most interesting what would you do if you were sent to a different time?   Has she committed adultery?
The only negative to me other than the length of the novel was the condition to of the audio book cds.  I love Diana’s writing but I wonder why some parts of the book are included?  I would still read more of her books. 



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