Thursday, July 11, 2013

Find Some Surprises in the Firm by John Grisham

The Firm I believe was John Grisham’s second novel.  One of my favorites!   The last time I visited this novel was in college when I wrote a paper on it.


Mitch McDeere is finishing law school he as some great offers on the table from different firms all over the United States.  There is one more that he is very curious about which comes from Bendeini, Lambert, and Locke.  They are a small firm from Memphis Tennessee.  The offer that is pitched to Mitch seems too good to be true…Is it too good to be true?  Once Mitch and Abby decide to move to Memphis strange events occur such as wired houses and cars.  That does not out shine the five dead lawyers from the firm.  No one has left the firm to practice somewhere else.   Mitch’s curiosity is piqued and he wants to know more about these deaths.  What will he find?  How will life change once the FBI is involved?

My Thoughts:

I would be lying if I didn’t say that The Firm is one of my favorite novels.  I have grown to appreciate the character of Mitch McDeere more each time I have read it.  The novel is totally engrossing.  A great plot!  The only negative for me was that I listened to it by audio this time and it was only three hours which means it was abridged. 

I was wondering which did you like better the novel or the movie?  When I was in college I wrote a paper on which was better.  For those of you who have seen both which do you think I chose?


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