Saturday, June 1, 2013

What Color is Your Morning?

Lavender Morning is the first novel in the Edilean Virginia series by Jude Deveraux.  I also feel that this is a great one to kick off beach reads!


Jocelyn receives an inheritance from Edilean Harcourt that takes her from Florida to Edilean Virginia where she is supposed to meet Ramsay McDowell.  He is the lawyer in charge of Ms. Harcourt’s estate.   Jocelyn doesn’t know what to expect when she comes to the town or who she will meet.  Edilean and Jocelyn go back many years in their relationship, but Jocelyn doesn’t know everything.  What will she discover?  What will she learn about the past?

My Thoughts:

I read these novels out of order.    I am definitely a fan of the first novel!  This novel will introduce you to the main characters that will be explored in this series.  You met Jocelyn who is the main focus of novel one.  The original Edilean Harcourt is the focus of the second novel.  Sarah is the focus of the third novel.    There are other characters to meet that will probably be future novels in the series.   I don’t want to give everything away.

I felt that this novel was different from your typical romance.  First this novel would be considered contemporary but also has some history to it.  The story of Edilean and her David takes place during World War II.  The story of Luke and Jocelyn is in the present.  Third there are not really any steamy sex scenes.  There is a hint but not pages of sex scenes.   I personally like this and feel there is more to the story.
Are you ready to take a trip to Edilean Virgina?



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