Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Lies We Tell Ourselves...

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers discusses the adoption from three different perspectives.  That of the birth mother, the new parents of Tia's daughter, and the husband and wife where the husband had an affair.


Tia reveals that she is pregnant to Nathan who was the love of her life.  Nathan is not thrilled with the news and asks her to get to rid of it.   Tia refuses but loses more than she thought.  One day she decides that Nathan should be involved in their daughter’s life.  What will happen when his wife intercepts the photos?  Who will this affect?  What will change in the new family, Tia, Nathan and his wife?

My Thoughts:

I am excited to share Susan Randy Meyers novel the Comfort of Lies.  The affair abruptly ends but Tia is left spinning her wheels.  I had a difficult time with Tia’s character.  I agreed with her friends advice that she needed a change.  Would you choose to make a change if it would kick start your life in a different direction?  I still have questions about some of the other characters.  What I am referring to is the motives of these characters.

The setting of this story is Boston.  I actually haven’t read too many stories set in this city.  I found the setting interested!  I loved how the writer seemed to capture the culture of different parts of the city.  I loved how there seemed to be a different tone for each character. This novel is well written and very descriptive.


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