Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stepping Out With Kimberly Lin in the Adventures of Recession Proof Review

Kimberly Lin is visiting Writer’s Corner today on her tour for Recession Proof.  I loved her topic about the economy and how it can be a journey of personal growth.


Helen is working in a job that she hates and has a steady boyfriend  of six years.   Her world should be wonderful and perfect.  But is it?  Helen has taken jobs to please others.   The pay is great but the experience sucks.  Her job isn’t going as well as she thought. Then her steady boyfriend of six years Mark breaks up with her.   Helen suddenly finds herself unemployed and deciding what steps to take next.  What career will she choose next?  Will she find happiness and fulfillment in her life? Could there be other surprises for Helen?

My Thoughts:

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.   I totally identified with Helen in her job search.  I wish that we all had job experiences like Helen’s that turned out so perfect.  I thought the book was written very well.  I enjoyed the characters of Sophie and Nate.  I didn’t enjoy as well the character of Helen because of her people pleasing issues.  This can also be strength with being able to diversify the character with both strengths and weaknesses.

I thought the greatest message of this book is don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.  You never know where your job search might take you.  Don’t be afraid to strike out on your own.

This book is one to check out.

Rating:  4/5

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