Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jillian Hart Shares Her Heart: In A McKaslin Homecoming

Jillian Hart is a bestselling author in the Inspirational Fiction. This is my first time to share her work.


Lauren has been estranged for from her family all of her life.  Only through contact with her long lost grandmother has she accepted the invitation to visit her family.  Lauren left with her mother when she was only two years old. Her memories are very vague.  Will her family accept her or accuse her of being like her mother?  Enter Caleb Stone town cop and friend of the family.  Lauren meets Caleb her first day at her Grandmother’s house.  They strike up a friendship.  Will there be something more?

My Thoughts:

This novel is another in the Love Inspired series which is a good read.  I loved reading the description of the Mckaslin family.   Ms. Hart has rich and vivid descriptions of all the characters involved.  I found the conflict was woven well into the story but felt less interested in the ending of the novel.   Overall I enjoyed the book.

The conflict explored in this book is the lost sheep returning to the fold.  Lauren returns to a family that she didn’t leave by her choice.  She for the most part comes back and is loved by most members of her family.  There is one family member that is reluctant to welcome her.  This member has issues with forgiveness and moving on from the past.    I felt the author showed great strides made by both to come to terms with their relationship.

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