Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lauren Weisberger Visits Atlanta

Lauren came to Atlanta on June 12th.  It was a very hot and humid evening at the Marcus Jewish Center.  This center is known for having authors who to come visit with them on a regular basis.
Image of Lauren WeisbergerShe was interviewed for the evening by a writer from Jezebel magazine.   She was first asked by write the sequel to Devil Wears Prada?
Lauren explains that she had wanted to write the second book but was happy to have a decade go by.   Andi is in a new place in her life.   She is getting married and works at a magazine with her old buddy Emily.  There is also chance for everyone to meet new characters.
What motivates you?
Did you know the ending?
She replied that she usually goes with the flow but tried mapping out the story this time around.
What inspired you to write The Devil Wears Prada?
She was inspired by her experiences of working at Vogue magazine. There were some similar experiences to Andi, but mostly taken from somewhere else.
Looking back at Vogue experience, what do you remember the most?
The experience was super short.  The job came with low pay and no appreciation.
What was your experience like working with them on the movie for Devil Wears Prada?
She had no official involvement but met with screenwriters and was there every day on set.
Would you love to see the next book made into a movie?

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