Friday, June 28, 2013

Does Love Endure?

Thank you to Lit Fuse Publicity Group and Tracie Peterson for sending me a copy of The Quarryman’s Bride.  I am a huge fan of Tracie’s writing.   I am excited to share the latest novel.


Emmalyne is about to wed Tavin McLachlan when tragedy strikes her family.  The two youngest daughters are causalities from a tornado.  Their deaths especially affect the father.   He decides that the wedding will not happen due to an old custom and Emmalyne feels she must obey, but feels conflicted about her feelings for Tavin.  What will happen to Tavin?  As the years go by how will she and Tavin reconcile their feelings?  Is there any hope for the future?

My Thoughts:

Tracie is one of my favorite authors.  She has a way of telling a story that grasps you from the beginning to the very end.  The master of storytelling has mastered another tale.  The development of conflict between the McLachlan family and the Knoxs that creates great emotion.  You can see this through the struggles that Tavin, Emmalyne, and Mr. Knox.

   Any woman could identify with Emmalyne’s conflict between obeying her father and following her heart to Tavin McLachlan.  My heart went out to her in this delimma and I wondered how she would maintain hope?  

This time the setting is in Minnesota and the lake of shinning waters.  The writer is very descriptive of the time and the surroundings.   I can’t wait to see more from Tracie.  This novel is a treasure to read.

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