Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Secrets Do You Hide in your Heart?

Heart like Mine is the latest novel by Amy Hatvany.   In this novel there are many secrets for the reader to uncover.

This story is told from three different perspectives.  Grace is the new woman in Victor’s life and will become a future step mother to Ava.  She is Victor’s daughter and is fourteen years old and her little brother Max.    Ava lives with her mother on the other side of town.    Kelli is Ava’s mother who Victor calls to share news about their upcoming future.   Kelli does not take this news well and is later found dead.  Grace and Victor are left to try to hold things together after her death.   Will the kids accept the news?  What secrets are Grace, Kelli, and Ava hiding?  How will this impact the future?

My Thoughts:

This is my first Amy Hatvany novel.  I enjoyed it very much!  I would finish reading a passage wanting to know more about what is coming up in the next pages.  I loved the author crafted the story.   You knew that Kelli was suffering from something but what?  I found the approach less in your face than another popular author. 

To plot a good story, you must keep some secrets.  These secrets are slowly revealed throughout the novel.  The reader is than struggling with that character as they experience heartache and loss.   I wonder what the theme will be for Amy’s next novel. 
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