Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everything is Coming up Roses!

It has been a while but the Chicklitplus blog tour is back on Writer’s Corner.  Today we bring you Elly In Bloom by Colleen Oakes.


Elly leaves Atlanta in a blur after she found her husband in bed with his mistress.  Her goal is to drive and not to stop.  Something draws Elly to stop at a coffee shop in Clayton Missouri where she meets Kim.  Her new friend helps start over.  Elly’s new business is a flower shop which is renowned for helping with weddings.  What will her future hold?  Will she finally get past her ex-husband? 

My Thoughts:

Colleen Oakes is a new author for me.  I did enjoy the story very much.  There were spots where it lagged for me.   I did enjoy learning about flowers and how they are arranged in for weddings.   I also loved that the setting is in St. Louis Missouri.  Clayton is a suburb in that city.  It is known for being a more well to do area.
The characters are unique in this novel.  Elly is an emotional eater that solves all her problems by eating.  Kim is a free spirit expecting a baby.   Snarky teenager is an interesting character.  I wish she had a name.   The other characters are also very unique. 

I look forward to seeing Elly move forward.  To see the next chapter in Elly’s life check out Elly In Bloom.

Author Bio:

Colleen Oakes is a passionate Colorado native who really enjoys living in other places. She attended college in Bronxville, NY where she received her degree in Creative Writing. After college, she opened up a successful wedding florist before the writing urge came knocking. Now she is a night owl who does most of her writing in pajamas. When not drowsily hitting the keys, Colleen enjoys swimming, reading, and immersing herself in nerdy pop culture. Elly in Bloom debuted in September, 2012 via Amazon Publishing. She now lives with her husband in North Denver, where they are awaiting their first child through adoption. Colleen blogs about life (good, bad, and awkward) pretty frequently over at The Ranunculus Adventures. ( She is currently at work on the sequel to Elly in Bloom.



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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. Love the blog!