Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three Sister’s in Peculiar

Angela Hunt is a very popular writer in the Christian fiction genre.  Her newest novel is Five Miles South of Peculiar.
Five Miles South of Peculiar: A Novel 

Darlene and Magnolia have lived in the old family house for years.  Darlene has raised a family and is a pillar in the community.  Magnolia (Nolie) shares the house but has mostly her dogs and the aprons she makes for people in the town of Peculiar.  Then there is Carlene who is Darlene’s twin but has lived away from home in New York with a fabulous career on Broadway.   Carlene receives the call to come home and celebrate her and her twin’s birthday.  Will it be a real celebration?  Then there is a preacher who has fallen on hard times that takes a job as the handy man at Darlene and Nolie’s house.  Will he survive these sisters?  Will he have wisdom for them and the future?

My Thoughts:

I hadn’t read anything recently by Angela.   I looked forward to this new novel.  I understand well the conflict between sisters since I have one.   I loved the way the conflict between the sisters’ is woven into the context of the story.   I also loved the recipes included at the end of the novel.  The characters are memorable and humorous throughout the book.  

How do you feel about your sister?   Do you have a great relationship with her?  What would you do to make it work?  These are themes discussed in Five Miles South of Peculiar.

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