Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Laughing Through the Dental Experience with Waitlisted by Laurel Gans

What would you do if you were in your senior year of college and everything had been going as planned…Then suddenly your plans make a slight adjustment?

Kacey Barlow is in the middle of her senior year of college and everything is on track, until she is called to see her advisor where she learns the program she had been preparing for since freshmen year would not be available to her anymore.   What should Kacey do?  Should she tell her parents that she will be unable to go into their chosen profession?  Should she be honest with her friends?  Or should she go it alone and pretend that everything is fine?   Her friends think she has it made because her path into dental school is set.  Kacey sets about secretly achieving her goal.

I found this book to be charming and tongue and cheek about the last year of college.  I applaud those who make an effort to continue on with their education.  I thought the author did a great job with character development.  Ms. Ganz did wonderful job with narration through the eyes of Kacey Barlow.  I felt like she really did her research well for this book.  I am not however a fan of the Meg Cabot style of writing.  I found it hard to love the character of Kacey.  I am sure that many moments are meant to be humorous.  I would say unfortunately it is not one of my favorite books.  This novel is a worthy debut effort for Laurel Gans.

The main theme in the book is the journey of a senior in getting into the grad school of their choice.  The character Kasey in this novel had a slightly different approach to this path.  Is it easy for those who choose the next step in the grad school process?   Sometimes depending on the major taking a break between steps is not an option.   I thought that discussing the route becoming a dentist was something new and interesting for an author’s audience.  I wish Ms. Gans much success with her latest novel.

Rating:  3/5

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