Monday, November 12, 2012

Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol?

Thank you Cynthia Hill for sending me your debut Idol Hands. 


Idol HandsDo you remember the boy band that you had a crush on in your teens?  Do you still think of them today?  Tara has fond memories of her time with Aidan one of the members of the group Idol Hands.  Although their relationship was kept secret she remembers this as a magical time, and a major event in her past.   Tara is now thirty two married and unhappy and when husband Steve buys a big screen television, and she loses the money for a down payment for a house.  One night Tara was up late and saw a program where Aidan declares his love for his secret girlfriend.  Then begins a journey for Tara to find Aidan.  Will she find what she hopes?  Will there be true love in the end?

My Thoughts:

This novel is nothing like what I thought.  I was a little turned off initially because Tara spent a lot of time complaining about her circumstances and living in the past.  The novel improved to me as Tara started on her journey.  I actually developed some sympathy for her with some of the circumstances she encountered.   The writer did a wonderful job weaving a plot that is unexpected.    I was very surprised by how it ended.

Are you caught in the past like Tara or living for the present?  Tara really struggles to move forward with her life.  Is the past really the answer?



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