Sunday, November 11, 2012

Play Dress Up and Check Out the Dress by Sophie Nicholls

This book is Sophie’s second book.   Have you ever wanted to play dress up?  Or do you just like clothes from the vintage stores?


Ella and her mother Fabbia have moved many times throughout her childhood.  They are moving again to the new store in York.   Ella secretly hopes that this will be the last move.  Fabbia is full of hope for their new location.

They settle into York England in a storefront off the square.  The store includes an apartment over the top of the store.  Fabbia is known as a bright personality which shows in her vintage shop.   Her daughter Ella is less bright and enjoys being hidden in the shadows her only friends are Billy and Katrina.  What will the adventures in York bring for Ella and Fabbia?  Will this be a place they can call home? 

My Thoughts:

I won this novel from Librarything giveaway and when I read the premise for the novel; it reminded me of a book A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff.  If you liked that novel then you will certainly like this story by Sophie Nicholls.  I thought the characters were great.  I liked how Fabbia was flushed out a little more as the story went along.  I loved how she contrasted the characters of Fabbia and Ella her daughter.  The author describes them almost like light and darkness within the book.  

This novel includes many stories that are part of Fabbia’s past.  The reader will not learn the significance of these stories until the end of the novel.  I thought they were a neat addition to the book and helped make a connection between the presence and the past.  I also loved the subtitles for each chapter that reflected the vintage clothing that appeared in Fabbia’s shop. What I didn’t love so well and maybe I missed it was the time period for the novel.   I had a hard time discerning the time period.  

One of the big themes within the novel is running from your past.    Fabbia left Iran in the time when women would have been losing their rights.   Her mother did not want her to be subjected to this same kind of treatment.  What must have been going through Fabbia’s mind as she leaves Iran and then goes onto England?

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