Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fun and Adventure with Jude Deveraux

Days of Gold (Edilean)Days of Gold is the second novel in the Edilean Series.  I was curious about this novel since I read Scarlet Nights which is the following novel in the series.


The will states that Edilean Talbot has to marry a gentleman of her choice who will inherit her gold.  Her uncle interpreted this statement a little differently and chose two men for her to marry.  Edilean makes a choice which involves the Angus McTern and not the two men.   Angus develops affection for her in their journeys, but can it blossom into love?  What will happen once they make it to America?  Will Edilean be successful there?

My Thoughts:

I looked forward to reading this book.  I did enjoy it!  I was ready to find out what happens next in the series.  I did like that this novel was not the typical historical romance where the man arrogantly pursues the female; and she quietly hates him.   I like the fact that the plot was different.   The characters of Angus and Edilean are memorable.

If you have not checked out the Edilean series by Jude Deveraux, there are many books in the series.  Days of Gold is  second novel in the series.  Scarlet Nights is the third novel in the series.   Edilean is a little town in Virginia.  The town is made up of people from Scotland.  You can go to Jude Deveraux’s website to find out more about the family tree of the McTern’s.  I am looking forward to learning more myself.

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