Friday, November 9, 2012

Alexandrea Weis Brings the Healing Touch!

Thank you Alex for sending me this novel.  Broken Wings has a different focus than her Nicole Beauvoir series which is animal rehabbing.

Product DetailsSynopsis: 

Pamela runs a wild life rehab center just outside of New Orleans.  Carol her friend of the family helps to run the business.  It is totally dependent on donations and goodwill of others.  Also the support of her ex-husband Bob.   A surprise helper shows up to work off his community service.  Daniel is vet from the Iraq war.  The rehab center becomes a place of healing for him.  Pamela has pushed men away since her ex has left.  Will Daniel get through Pamela’s line of defense?  Can he show her that she doesn’t need to be dependent on Bob?

My Thoughts:

Another great novel by Alexandrea Weis?    This story follows an animal rehabber and her work.   The story is sprinkled with facts about the work of the animal rehabber, and what it takes to run this kind of facility.  The wild animals that reside there.  Lastly most importantly the kind of love to take care of these animals.  You might be surprised by a visit of some characters you from her previous series Val Easterling and Lance Beauvoir.

I felt that the novel started a bit slowly but picked up the pace after fifty pages.  The story is told well.  I sometimes find myself impatient with wanting the characters to move faster than the pace of the story.  While I am impatient occasionally I find myself satisfied in the end. 



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