Monday, October 8, 2012

The Language of Roses with Leila Meacham

Product DetailsThis is Leila Meacham’s debut Roses.  I heard about this book on  I found an opportunity to review this book.


The Tolivers, Warwicks, and DuMonts have known each since the founding of the town Howbutker.   A town in east Texas.  The Warwicks are known for their lumber empire.  The DuMonts for their fabulous department stores, and The Tolivers for their cotton production.   The novels begins with the funeral for Vernon Toliver, and the reading of his will.  This document states that Mary Toliver the youngest child would inherit the plantation of Somerset.  This stipulation causes conflict in the family.  Percy Warwick who has always loved on Mary feels he can sway her to let Somerset go.  Will he be successful?   Will the Toliver curse affect Mary?  How will the decisions made by Percy and Mary affect future generations?

My Thoughts:

The history of the Tolivers, Warwicks, and DuMonts extends to the War of the Roses in England.  The Tolivers and Warwicks are direct descendants of the Lancaster and York families.   The DuMonts are the peace makers always making peace between the Warwicks and Tolivers.   The family’s used Roses to communicate between them their intentions.  A white and red roses represented healing and forgiveness. 

Roses is a great novel!  This novel looks big when you look at with 607 pages, but it is worth reading.   I thought it was slow in some parts.  The story is told from three different perspectives and they are:  Mary Toliver DuMont, Percy Warwick, and Rachel Toliver.   Rachel is Mary’s great niece and heir to Somerset.  Legacy is one important quality in this book.  The question asked by the author is what type of legacy will one leave?



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