Friday, October 12, 2012

Karen Takes Us On a Journey!

Thank you to WOW Women on Writing and Karen Wojcik Berner for the opportunity to share Until My Soul Gets it Right.

Until My Soul Gets It Right (The Bibliophiles: Book Two)
Have you ever yearned for life to be different?  What would you do to accomplish this goal?  Where would you go to ensure this goal was accomplished?  What would you change?  Karen Wojcik Berner answers these questions in her latest novel Until My Soul Gets It Right.


Catherine has never felt at home whether it be in Wisconsin in Burkesville or Portland Maine.   Her family does not do much to help her to consider staying at the family home in Wisconsin.    Catherine’s dream is becoming an actress. She leaves for Portland Maine after seeing a travel program advertising the city.   Katherine finds work and a home away from her home in Wisconsin but will it be permanent?   Catherine immediately finds a job and an adoptive family but will it be enough?  Will her travels help her find what she is looking for?

My Thoughts:

The Bibliophiles series focuses on the members of the group.  In the first book we met Annie and Sarah.  This book we meet Catherine.    She is a great character!  I loved reading this book.  The author has succeeded in creating another great character.     I was drawn into the story through Catherine’s experiences.  This character reminded me of Jane Eyre and her dilemmas.     

I felt that this story was much better than the previous book.   The plot was great!  The story leaves you wanting more.   I liked this book and read it in two days.   I look forward to the next book.

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