Monday, October 1, 2012

Luanne Rice Shares the Secrets of Sand Castles

Luanne Rice is an eloquent story teller.  She weaves a great story.
Sandcastles (Star of the Sea Academy) 

 Honor, Regis, Agnes, and Cecelia makes a trip to Ireland to see John’s latest sculpture.   The morning after Honor and the girls arrive an unwelcome visitor comes to Bellan Castle where the family is staying.  John goes out to save his work and tells Honor to stay and call the police.  Regis the oldest daughter disregards her mother’s warning to stay in the house.  She goes to help her father.   When Honor discovers her absence and goes out to the cliff.  What she finds is the visitor off the side of the cliff, and John and Regis in shock.   John is eventually convicted of his murder, but is he really guilty?  Did Regis play part in this event?  What will happen to Honor and the rest of the family without John?

My Thoughts:

This is my second Luanne Rice book.  I wasn’t really all that impressed with the first book of hers that I read Crazy in Love.    The title Sand Castles one first thinks of the beach.   Sand Castles are temporary and don’t last and relationships can be looked at in much the same way.  Rice crafted characters that are special and have great compassion and emotion.   The story was not what I expected.  I did not realize this book included a mystery.

The theme of this book is relationships and how one takes care of these relationships.   John feels he is doing the right thing by going to prison for the murder.  He fails to see how this event affects the rest of his family.  The presence of the father is very important to his daughters.  

I can’t wait to read the next Luanne Rice book?



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