Friday, June 22, 2012

This book was the April book club book.   I had always wanted to read something by Elizabeth Noble.  The Reading Group was her debut.


Nicole and Harriet decide to start a reading group in January.  Harriet is a not so happy house wife, but is she really as unhappy as she seems?  Nicole loves her husband and her family but does he love her?  Their group includes other members Claire, Mary, Susan, and Polly.   This story takes place through their lives and the book they read.  This book is set against the backdrop of London England.  What books will they read through the year?

My Thoughts:

I thought that I would be really excited about this book.   I didn’t find myself engrossed in this book.  I found it hard to love the characters.  I loved the setting of the book.   I hope that when I get a chance to read one of her other books I might like it better.

I thought the reading selection for this group was interesting which included books that I have heard about and some I have not.  I have never heard of the book Heartburn by Nora Ephron.  I was interested with the group’s take on Atonement since I had read that one.  What would a typical reading selection be for you?



Please stop by and let Elizabeth Noble know your thoughts on this book.

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