Monday, May 14, 2012

Lifting the Veil with Marilyn Hontz, Shame Lifters

I received this book from my mother who shared this book with me.  Marilyn Hontz was my mother’s roommate in college which makes my mother a huge fan of her writing.


Marilyn chronicles the story of her childhood and her difficult relationship with her father.   How do you deal with these feelings of shame?  How can you move on in life and forgive?  As Marilyn shares her story each chapter asks questions for you to answer in your progress of working through these issues.   Some of the topics discussed are neglect, forgiveness, feelings, and a godly relationship with the heavenly father.    She also includes a section called shame lifters these are tasks that we can do to be encouraging to others and ourselves.  

My Thoughts:

I really felt that this book resonated with me in many ways.   I have had some difficult relationships.   I wondered how to love despite my hurt feelings?  Or how do you forgive someone who has hurt you so badly?  I was able to find answers for me that were important for me to move forward. 

This book is easy to read.   I feel that if you have experienced some of the circumstances that Mrs. Hontz described you will find this book easy to read.   I would encourage you to be honest with yourselves and be able to move forward.  I encourage you to look at this book with renewed eyes and see what might resonate with you?

You can contact Marilyn via twitter and facebook.

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