Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Tribute to be Remembered

Have you ever had someone that you thought of as a mystery?  Someone from your past that has impacted you but there were suspicious circumstances of their death.  Nora Robert tells us the story of Cilla and her famous grandmother Janet Hardy in Tribute.


Cilla has recently bought the family farm.  She purchased it from her mother this farm is the former home to her grandmother Janet Hardy who bought it from her biological father’s family.  Cilla hopes to rehab it and make it a home.  This farm is located across the road from a former lawyer and author Sawyer Ford.   As she proceeds with the renovations mishaps occur.  Will she be able to continue once the damage has been done?  Is Ford Sawyer more than neighborly?   Are these mishaps connected the mystery of Janet Hardy’s death?  Will Cilla also be at risk?

My Thoughts:

I liked this Nora Roberts novel.  The plot where the protagonist is renovating a house as a do it your self project to be an interesting read.  It makes you want to find out how it would turn out.  The other aspect that makes the story interesting is character.  This author is known for creating strong characters.  Cilla is the protagonist who is a child star that has turned into a house flipper who no longer wants the Hollywood life.  Ford her romantic interest is a former lawyer who writes graphic novels.  It is symbolic to note that both of these characters have switched or in the process of switching careers.   We the readers get to take the journey of discovery with Cilla and Ford.

The plot of this novel had many twists and turns.  I expected some and there were others that were a surprise.  I was a little disappointed with the lull between plot points in the novel. 

This novel is enjoyable and I would recommend picking it up!



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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-order SAVING GRACE, get HAPPY FOOD free!

Jane has a very special gift for my readers to celebrate the launch of my sixteenth novel, SAVING GRACE, on December 30th in the US. If you pre-order SAVING GRACE, you’ll get a Jane Green book for free, and not just any old book…

Jane Green - Saving Grace - US           Jane Green - Happy Food cover

Most of you know that I not only love to cook, I had some chef training at the French Culinary Institute in New York a few years ago. I have finally penned my very own cookbook. HAPPY FOOD is filled with recipes I have created, collected, and cooked for years. This truly is the food that makes my family and friends happy.
I’m sharing these recipes with you, my loyal friends, straight from my heart. There are desserts and entrees, appetizers and sides. Each recipe is accompanied by a story from me about what that particular dish means to me, or how it features in my life, including some of the mishaps.
A beautifully designed e-book, HAPPY FOOD is filled with gorgeous never-before-seen photographs.
HAPPY FOOD will be available for purchase at a later date, but for now the only way to get my brand new cookbook is via this special promotion.
Here is how to claim your free gift:
1. Order SAVING GRACE from your favorite bookseller between now and 12/29/14
2. Email your proof of purchase to
3. You will receive an email response with a unique single-use code to redeem your free copy of HAPPY FOOD
It is that simple. If you live outside the US and have already bought SAVING GRACE, you are still eligible to claim this gift. Just follow the same steps as outlined above, sending in your receipt to get your code.
I hope you all love HAPPY FOOD as much as I loved putting it together. Enjoy it along with my deep and everlasting gratitude for your continued support.
Happy reading and happy cooking to each and every one of you.
Much love,
Jane xxx

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How Do Choices Impact Others?

The Widow’s Choice is one of the few remaining novels in the House of Winslow series that I hadn’t read.  We are into World War II and how does this impact the members of the Winslow family?  We meet a new character Alona Winslow Jennings who is the daughter of Cassidy and Serena Winslow.  She is not mentioned in previous novels.  So what do I think of this one?


Alona Jennings couldn’t be happier with her family, her husband Truman Jennings and their three sons Tim, Carl, and Zachary.  One day out while out with her husband and family he points out a bunch of crows in the sky.  He then refers to it as a crow summer.  This means that something bad is about to happen.  Alona doesn’t put much stock in this saying until she gets news of her husband’s death.  Although she receives a settlement from the quarry where he worked, she finds herself a widow during the Great Depression.  How will she provide for her family?  Will the next man who comes along be the right answer?

My Thoughts: 

I have loved reading The House of Winslow series.  I don’t know that this novel was particularly my favorite in the series.  The character of Alona was interesting to me because Alona is not listed as a character in the previous novels in the series.   The other characters to me really followed the typical formula for a House of Winslow novel.

The one surprise for me was the plot.  It became more of a disappointment.  One plot device that the author uses is to have a member of the Winslow family start out as the bad apple that redeems him or herself.  Since I have seen this plot before the story became predictable.  This time there is one twist where the bad apple is not a Winslow but one of the other characters in the novel. 
Always continue with the series!



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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meet Kimberly Belle author of The Last Breath and Giveaway

Meet Kimberly Belle a debut author of  The Last Breath.  She is here to share what the Last Breath is about.  I got a chance to meet her a few weeks ago.    She has a copy to giveaway for this book.   Please follow the rafflecopter.   This giveaway will run from November 20-30 at midnight. Only open to US Residents.

For humanitarian aid workers like GIA ANDREWS, home can mean a lot of things. A two-bedroom ranch behind a picket fence. A fourth-story walkup in the city. A mud hut under a banana tree. A country on a passport.

But for Gia, home is the place where she will always be known as the murderers daughter.

Sixteen years ago, Gias father, RAY ANDREWS, was convicted of murdering her step-mother, ELLA MAE ANDREWS. Gia has spent the years since chasing disasters around the globe in an attempt to escape her own. Its not just a job but a lifestyle, one that soothes her gypsy soul and keeps her half a planet away from her personal ground zero. But when her dying father is released on a technicality, Gia reluctantly returns home to rural Appalachia to face her past.

Back home in Rogersville, a tiny blip on the Eastern Tennessee map, she resumes her role as daughter of the towns most infamous murderer. A role complete with noisy protesters on her front lawn, reporters who ambush her all over town, and eager gossips who consider her misfortune fair game.

And she finds herself largely alone. Her siblings, BO and LEXI ANDREWS, refuse to have anything to do with their father, and her uncle CAL ANDREWS, a feisty attorney known as the Tennessee Tiger, is too busy sweet-talking judge and jury in Knoxville to visit more often than an occasional weekend. Gias only company besides her sick father is colorful hospice nurse FANNIE MILES, pure Appalachia in yellow and lilac scrubs.

Emory Professor of Law JEFFREY LEVINE is so convinced her father is innocent, hes writing a book about the case. He raises questions about the testimony of DEAN SULLIVAN, the neighbor who claimed he saw Ray break into his own house the night Ella Mae was murdered. Gia is still uncertain. As much as shes always wanted to believe her fathers claims of innocence, the shadows on her doubt run in both directions.

Thank your God of choice for JAKE FOSTER, charming owner of the Roadkill Bar and Grill in town, who provides a welcome distraction in the form of good food and better sex. Their relationship is simple, uncomplicated, easy. And temporary. Gia has no intention of falling for a man whos made his home in a town she vowed never to return. Her heart, whats left of it, is her own.

But the worse things get at home, the more she cant get enough of Jake. For Gia, hes like a mini-vacation from the stress of her life back home in Rogersville. Before long Gia is hooked, body and soul.

One night, a conversation in Jakes truck jiggles loose a long-forgotten memory of Ella Mae and Dean. Gia doesnt need a Professor of Law to tell her that if Dean and Ella Mae had been lovers, Dean had motive. Motive to lie on the stand. Motive to point the finger at Gias father. Motive to murder.

Sixteen years ago, Gia ran. This time around, shes determined to stay long enough to discover the truth. Gia tells Jeffrey about Dean and asks him to go public with the affair. She informs her siblings, who put aside their guilt long enough for a shaky reconciliation with their father. And she and Jake confront the reclusive alcoholic Dean, who admits to the affair, hints at his guilt for murdering Ella Mae, and tells them Ella Mae had been pregnant. Only now that Deans become the crazy town drunk, will anyone besides Jake and Gia believe him?

But folks in Rogersville love a good scandal, and they pounce on Deans. The protesters pack up their bullhorns and signs and go home. Theyre replaced by a friendlier crowd of former friends and neighbors, driven by guilt and curiosity, who come to hold vigil.

Inside the house, the family gathers around Rays bedside, where Ray reveals Jake is Ella Maes child, the son she gave up for adoption at birth. Gia is furious and heartbroken by Jakes lie of omission, and she cant find an ounce of forgiveness for him in her too-scared, too-scarred heart.

Rays last days are turbulent, and hes not always lucid. He confuses Fannie for his long-dead mother, and he mistakes Gia for Ella Mae, shocking Gia with the amount of anger he feels toward his former wife. Hallucinations? Gia is unsure. And then the professor calls with news that Dean had an alibi the night of the murder, and just like that, Gias father shifts back up to prime suspect number one in her mind. 

Gia has to know for sure. While the rest of the house is asleep, she sneaks downstairs and wakes Ray, pretending to be Ella Mae. Hes scared and sick enough to fall for her trick and confirms what Gia already suspected: Ray is Ella Maes killer.

Gia refuses to keep any more secrets. She orders Cal to tell Bo and Lexi, then heads to Roadkill to tell Jake that her father murdered his mother. Their relationship ends on the very same barstool where it began.

By the time she returns home, her father has died and Lexi is storming out. On the front lawn, Gia and Lexi are confronted by a crazed and armed Dean, who blames Gia for spreading talk of the affair around town and the entire Andrews family for the way his life fell apart after Ella Maes murder. Jake, who followed Gia home for another attempt at reconciliation, arrives a few minutes later and puts himself between Gia and Dean, taking the bullet meant for Gia.

Almost losing Jake puts things into perspective for Gia. She realizes that every single decision shes made in the past sixteen years has been motivated by an attempt to escape her past. In order to build a life worth living, she has stop allowing her past to influence her future. That means finding forgiveness for Jake, but more importantly for her father, even if she will never be able to forgive his actions. Only then will Gia be able to still the gypsy in her soul and write her own happy ending with Jake. 

Meet author Kimberly Belle:  

Kimberly Belle grew up in Eastern Tennessee, in a small town nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians. A graduate of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, Kimberly lived for over a decade in the Netherlands and has worked in marketing and fundraising for various nonprofits. Her debut novel, THE LAST BREATH, was published by Harlequin MIRA in September 2014. She divides her time between Atlanta and Amsterdam.

Connect with Kimberly on Facebook, Twitter  , and Goodreads. For more about Kimberly and her books, please visit her website.

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