Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Are You Ready for a Fun Beach Getaway?

The most recent novel by Anne River Siddons is The Girls of August.  Girlfriends get together that happens once a year for a great time had by all.  What could  go wrong?  Let’s visit Tiger Island and find out.
Maddy is making preparations to meet her friends.  They have known one another for years. There is just one change to this year’s get together.  A new woman comes to the group, a new wife. These  women know each other’s from in the past.  Their husbands did their residencies together in the same hospital.   The couples had remained friends over the years.  So each August the ladies would get away to various locations for one week.   The change this year is one of the doctors has married again after his wife died in a car accident.  The new wife Baby is the baby of the group.  She is younger by twenty years than the other women.  How could she possibly get along with the others?  So they make their journey to Tiger Island where Baby owns a beach house.  What other troubles could possibly follow these other ladies to the island?
My Thoughts: 
I liked this novel.  I am not a huge fan of Anne River Siddons.  This novel appealed to me because of course the beach setting.  It is entertaining!   The characters are well developed with real conflict.   The one part of the story that was a disappointment to me was the climax.  A huge storm comes to the island and then the story ends.  It leaves the reader wondering if they are rescued and what happens next?  What how was their conflict resolved?    I would have like a little more to the story. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Are You Feeling the Love With Jen Hatmaker?

Jen Hatmaker is one of my favorite authors.  I have not read anything by her in years.   In this latest book she discusses what it takes in grace for us those who are followers of Jesus Christ.  So join us as we sit down for laughter and entertainment as we learn.  What can we do as Christians to extend that grace and love towards others?

Jen is a wife mother Pastor’s wife.  She also wears the hat of author.  Her ministry is to women and that follow many roles.  So there are essays on Thank You Notes scattered throughout the book.  She also shares her experiences with marriage and family.   Her specific message is for us to be more accepting of others and their differences. She also has ideas for how to have better community in your neighborhood or even at home.   We should shift our center towards Christ and become the community that God had in mind for us.

My Thoughts:

I liked the book.  Jen Hatmaker is still one of my favorite authors.  I could not relate to the amount of the book about marriage and family because I am single.  I did feel that she had many useful principles about the role of church and community.  I loved her section what it would have been like to have social media in the 1990s.   I would read another of her books if given the opportunity.



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Sunday, June 19, 2016

New winner for giveaway!

Rita Wray is the new winner of the copy of The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews.  Please contact me at jenceyg@gmail.com.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Giveaway Winner for Weekenders

Carl congratulations you have won a copy of The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews.  Please email me at jenceyg@gmail.com.  You have 48 hours to collect your prize.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You Never Know Where Life Will Take You!

Good In Bed is the debut novel by Jennifer Weiner.  It also started the trend in Women’s Fiction known as Chick Lit.  I only recently read this novel.  Of course it is great for the beach!  Aren’t all her books?


Candice (Cannie) Shapiro is about to get some bad news. Samantha Her friend tells her about the new column in Moxie by her exboyfriend Bruce.  Is he Cannie's ex?  She thought that they were just taking a “break.”  It appears to be more than a break and is meticulous in covering their relationship, for his job.  Cannie finds herself a free woman but will she ever find respect or value by others?  She examines herself and decides a diet will be a great place to start. Will these changes that Cannie pursue provide her happiness?  Could a little surprise change her life for the better?

My Thoughts:

I liked Good in Bed, Jennifer Weiner’s debut.  I have enjoyed seeing how much she has grown as a writer over the years.  She picked a topic that she knows well. It created an enjoyable read with characters you could get to know.  There was an interesting theme for the novel.  You never know where life will take you or who you will meet regardless of your size or circumstance.  As always with any Jennifer Weiner novel the reader will find entertainment and humor.  

 I look forward to reading the next upcoming novel from Jennifer Weiner.



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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Weekenders Review and Giveaway!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for a copy of The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews.  This copy is given to me in exchange for an honest review.  I also have one copy of the Weekenders to give away.

Mary Kay Andrews brings us another great story for the summer.  This time it includes a mystery as well as romance.  The story is set in North Carolina on a fictional Island named Belle Isle.  This story follows the main character Riley Griggs. She discovers a little about herself and her family.


Riley and her daughter Maggie are leaving Raleigh for the summer to spend it on Belle Isle. They meet their good friends Ed and Parrish Godchaux.  Riley receives documents at the ferry landing that she thinks are divorce papers.  When Riley and Maggie arrive at their house there is a full closure notice tacked onto the door.  The trip to Wells Fargo helps Riley to start putting the pieces together.  She finds out what Wendell has been doing with the family business. So how could he leave his wife and child penniless?  Where is Wendell?   How could she have a foreclosure without her consent? 

My Thoughts:

Mary Kay Andrews has created another great summer read!  I enjoyed the plot throughout the novel.  I could not wait to see how it would end!   The concept of visiting an island for the weekend is not one that I am familiar with.   The mystery made the story more interesting. The character of Riley is one that readers will sympathize with and want to fight for!   There were parts of the story that I did not enjoy as well as others. 

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Have You Ever Heard of Beryl Markham?

Thank you to Ballantine Books for a copy of Circling the Sun  in exchange for an honest review.  
Have you ever heard of the movie Out of Africa?  It is a  movie starred Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen and Robert Redford as Denys Finch Hatton.  Beryl made a small appearance, but what is her story?
Beryl Markham was born in the colony of Kenya around the late 1800s.  She stayed on the farm there with her father.  Her mother left and went to England with her brother.   She was quite the free spirit growing up in Kenya.   Although she married early in life, her heart belonged to horse racing.   The one person that meant the most is Denys Finch Hatton.   Which readers know from their relationship with Beryl’s friend Karen Blixen.  What is life like in the colonies?  Will Beryl find happiness?
My Thoughts: 
I enjoyed the novel by Paula McLain about Hadley Hemingway.   I did find Beryl Markham interesting but her story failed to keep me interested.  When I saw Paula describe this book she often referred to Out of Africa which I did not enjoy either.   Paula McLain is a talented  author who writes  descriptive prose.  She has a talent for bringing the past to life.   I look forward to seeing where she might go next.  
Circling the Sun is out  in paperback!  I hope you enjoy your journey to  Africa.

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