Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pink Escape 2017

Welcome to Pink Escape 2017.  This month is dedicated to those who have fought the good fight or currently fighting breast cancer.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This month I officially end my fight.  I am finishing my reconstruction surgery.  

I am so thankful for all the support that I have had through my battle.  I thank the followers of Writer’s Corner for bearing with me over these past two years.   As I recover more I will go back to sharing some of the posts that I have been unable to do within the last two years.  

This Pink Escape will be abbreviated do to my recovery from my latest surgery.  I plan to start resurfacing around week three of my recovery which is October 23.  

 Please stay informed and help fight the good fight!

Let us not forget others who are still fighting such as Julia Louis Dreyfus.  I wish her all the best in her fight! 


Jencey Gortney

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Will Ruby Get a Second Chance?

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for a copy of The One That Got Away by Melissa Pimentel. I was given this novel in exchange for an honest review.

The One That Got Away is a modern retelling of Persuasion by Jane Austen. I am always interested in a fresh take on a classic.It is also the first Pink Escape book of 2017. The Jane Austen fan that I am I dove into this novel.


Ruby is an account manager at her job. She stays very busy with work in New York. Her best friend has to persuade her to leave her sanctuary of work to see her, before she leaves to go Scotland. Her sister Piper is getting married to her man of from Ruby’s past. Ethan has changed a great deal, and will also be at the wedding as the best man. The wedding takes place in Scotland in a castle. Ruby seems to continue to run into Ethan regardless of the situation. Will they be able to overcome the past and reconnect? Or will she have to navigate a different path, which includes surviving Piper at the wedding.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this story. Ruby is a protagonist that I could identify with. Ethan’s character is part of the story but he does not play a major role to me. The story is told from Ruby's point of view. The character I found most annoying was Piper. I wanted to applaud Ruby for putting up with her behavior leading up to the wedding.

The plot takes place in two different story lines. The present storyline line is the “Now” which follows the current events leading up to the wedding. The other storyline is the “Then” section which tells the story of Ruby and Ethan’s relationship.

I enjoyed the story but felt that the Then story line should have ended sooner than it did. I would have changed the pacing a little to compensate for the length. I was ready for the story to resolve and the happy ending to begin. Yes, the story was true to Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I look forward to what Melissa Pimentel shares next with her audience!



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Thursday, September 28, 2017

In The Spotlight Steven Arnett Takes Us Back to the 60s

Today would like to introduce you to Steven Arnett, whose new novel The Summer of Robert Byron a recently released novel.   He will take us back in time to the  sixties to share is story of  Robert and Jean.   This story is for the Historical Fiction fans out there!  The story is set in the 1960s. 


 Here’s the scoop on it: It’s fall 1966, and Robert Byron has returned to his home town of Blue Spring in Michigan after serving in Vietnam. Everyone there tries to welcome him home, but he’s unsocial and ends up alienating almost everyone. He pretty much keeps to himself through the winter, until the money he’d saved up in Vietnam runs outs, and he has to go back to work. He meets Jean Summers, a teacher at Blue Spring High School who’d just started her teaching career the previous fall herself, when Robert is hired by her landlord to do some work on the house she’s renting. They’re complete opposites in personality, but somehow, they’re attracted to each other anyway. The Summer of Robert Byron is their story: Of how Jean tries to redeem through love Robert’s alienation and the dark secret that he has brought home with him from the war. Can she succeed or is it too late to ever really bring him home again?

The Summer of Robert Byron is available as a paperback and in Kindle format from Amazon. 

About the Author:                                               

Steven Arnett was born in Detroit, Michigan, and enjoys writing fiction and poetry.  He has degrees from Michigan State University and the University of Maine.  He currently lives in Johns Creek, Georgia, with his wife, Delphine, and daughter, Vivienne. He has  published two other novels: Death of Lake Michigan and The Labyrinth chronicles. He learns the hard way that money can’t buy happiness but that it sure can lead to some very funny and bizarre experiences! 

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What Is the Ultimate Match?

It is time to share another Elin Hilderbrand novel. This time the title is TheMatchmaker. Like the rest of her novels it is set on Nantucket. I remember Elin discussing this novel when I had my first opportunity to meet her in the spring of 2013. I made a four hour drive on a Sunday to the main library in Charleston for this event. It was worth the journey.


Dabney Kimball Beech is well known throughout Nantucket. She works as the director of the Chamber of Congress for the city of Nantucket. Dabney is most known for her matches of the perfect couples. She has correctly matched forty two couples. Dabney has not been as successful in her own life. Her true love Clendenin Hughes is returning to the island. Does Dabney want to see him? They also have a daughter who is struggling with her own issues. Will she want to meet the father she never knew?

My Thoughts:

I loved this novel! It was entertaining to the very last page. One of Elin Hilderbrand’s best! I recently attended a writing work shop with two bestselling authors. We discussed characterization of the main characters. They referred to the protagonist as having a superhero power. In other words what is her talent?. Dabney is known for her ability to make matches. This power in the novel is described as being a pink or green aura around the people near Dabney. Readers will also meet some of her matches over the years, in various spots in the novel. I also thought it is interesting that her flaw is her own love life. This flaw indirectly affected her daughter. I did not realize when I heard about this novel that Dabney would be so young. I had pictured an eighty year old woman.

Readers will fly through the pages of this novel!



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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Joy Callaway Shares a Part of Her History

Thank you to Harper Collins for giving me a copy of Secret Sisters in exchange for an honest review.

I had the opportunity to share Joy Callaway’s debut novel The Fifth AvenueArtists Society. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share Secret Sisters. Joy writes historical fiction and once again she takes from a part of her own history. Secret Sisters tells the story of how female fraternities began in the United States.  Many of us now would know the female group as sororities.


Whitsitt College is one of the few colleges in the Midwest that include women as students. These women are allowed to pick their majors, but not without persecution from the male students and faculty. Most of the women at the college choose the divinity major. These women also have their own social gatherings and are not inclusive of the other women. What happens when a woman chooses a major outside of divinity? This question was asked by a group of women led by Elizabeth Carrington. Shouldn’t they have the right to meet and have a social club of their own?  The women turn to the only fraternity on campus the Iota Gammas for guidance on how to form a fraternity.  They seek help from their leader Grant Richardson, but will he be helpful? Will Whitsitt accept a women’s fraternity?

My Thoughts:

Secret Sisters is a great sophomore effort by author Joy Callaway. I found the characters more engaging and interesting than in her first novel. I loved that the character of Elizabeth Carrington. Readers will love her take charge attitude and her commitment to the cause. Grant and Elizabeth's conflict made for a more interesting read.  It also contributed greatly to the plot to keep readers guessing on whether the women are successful. The pacing worked well in the framework of the novel. It did slow in some spots, but an enjoyable read.

I look forward to Joy Callaway's next novel!  

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Visit Wendy Wax's Lake House

This time we are visiting the lake house just outside of New York City. This lake house is located in upstate.  A Week at the Lake   is a stand-alone novel by Wendy Wax.  She shares her same style with three friends that are facing a huge secret.


Emma has invited her two friends Mackenzie and Serena to the lake house. These friends have spent a week at the lake for years together; until recently when Emma decided to distance herself from her friends. Why? Emma is harboring a secret that includes the three friends and her daughter Zoe. She plans to reveal the secret at the lake house. The plans change when Emma has a disagreement with Zoe. When Emma decides to go after her daughter she is struck by an oncoming vehicle. Will the secret  be revealed? What impact will this have on Serena, Mackenzie, and Zoe?

My Thoughts:

This novel is interesting, but it was not my favorite. The other two titles  shared recently One Good Thing and The Houseat Mermaid Point are definite favorites. The story has a great plot. I loved how she wove the back story of  the character of Emma throughout the story. The character that most resonated with me is Mackenzie.  She is married  but has not children.  All authors love their characters to grow and Mackenzie’s arc is how does she feel not having children?  Could readers identify with a childless marriage?  I too am older and would love to be married with children. I understand this struggle.

Wendy’s next novella is a Bella Flora Christmas and is available for preorder now.



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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ronald H. Balson In The Spotlight "The Trust"

Please welcome Ronald H. Balson back to Writer’s Corner.  He will be sharing his new book The Trust. It is the fourth book in the Liam and Caroline series.  If you loved Karolina’s Twins then you will most certainly want to check out his latest book.  What will happen next?

When his uncle dies, Liam Taggart reluctantly returns to his childhood home in Northern Ireland for the funeral―a home he left years ago after a bitter confrontation with his family, never to look back. But when he arrives, Liam learns that not only was his uncle shot to death, but that he’d anticipated his own murder: In an astonishing last will and testament, Uncle Fergus has left his entire estate to a secret trust, directing that no distributions be made to any person until the killer is found. Did Fergus know, but refuse to name, his killer? Was this a crime of revenge, a vendetta leftover from Northern Ireland’s bloody sectarian war? After all, the Taggarts were deeply involved in the IRA. Or is it possible that the killer is a family member seeking Fergus’s estate? Otherwise, why postpone distributions to the heirs? Most menacingly, does the killer now have his sights on other family members?

As his investigation draws Liam farther and farther into the past he has abandoned, he realizes he is forced to reopen doors long ago shut and locked. Now, accepting the appointment as sole trustee of the Fergus Taggart Trust, Liam realizes he has stepped into the center of a firestorm.

About the Author:

RONALD H. BALSON is a Chicago trial attorney, an educator, and writer. His practice has taken him to several international venues. He is also the author of Karolina's Twins, Saving Sophie, and the international bestseller Once We Were Brothers.

He is available  on these platforms:

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