Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Will this Bride Be Going Down the Aisle?

Welcome to spring! It is that time of year where the brides start walking down the aisle. Lenora Worth brings us the story of a bride who has to decide whether it is worth, it to walk down the aisle in her novella An April Bride. Have you ever had the experience of having trials surprise you? How will you react or will you change your plans?


Stella is looking forward to marrying her fiancĂ© Marshall, when he comes back from his deployment. Around the time that Marshall would have been sent home he and his unit encounter an IED.  Marshall survives but is injured. He wakes up with no memory of Stella and their time together. His parents initially keep Stella away because of his amnesia. When Stella discovers what her current circumstances are she begins to reconsider plans. Will she still marry Marshall? Or will he come up with the perfect plan to help her down the aisle?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed Lenora’s story of the reluctant bride. She did a great job of creating positive interactions between Stella and Marshall. Grand gesture by Marshall to get his bride to say I do won me over completely.  The story is peppered with great characters. The story is set in Renaissance Louisiana.

Lenora’s April Bride can be found in the Spring Brides collection or individually. You may also want to check out  her current title Knight Moves:  Rodeo Knights a western novel.

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