Thursday, April 19, 2018

Can the Past Change the Future?

It is time to stock up on summer beach reads.  So why not start with one of Karen White’s Sound of Glass?  This story has a mysterious plane crash has consequences for two families. It also explores the consequences of physical abuse in multiple generations.  Can solving these mysteries help both sides to heal?  Are you ready to jump in?


Merritt is ready to start over in Beaufort South Carolina.  She is inheriting a house from her deceased husband’s grandma.  All Merritt wants is to be left alone at the house and make a fresh start.  Enter Loralee her stepmother and Merritt’s stepbrother Owen who are moving here, from McDonough Georgia.  Loralee plans to stay with Merritt whether she wants her help or not.  She also is hiding something that is important to Owen’s future.  How will Merritt play a role in it?  Then there is also the brother in law that Merritt did not know she had.  Is he anything like his brother?  Can she let go of the past?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the story.  I listened to the Sound of Glass on Audible.  I thought the narrators did a great job!  I thought they brought to life the characters of Lora Lee and Merritt very well.  The setting of Beaufort South Carolina is something I would like to see one day.  I realize the house where Merritt and Loralee stay might be fictional but still a place I would like to visit.   My most favorite part was the dialogue between characters.  There is a scene where Loralee bribes Owen to convince Merritt to go out on the water which was very entertaining. I could not wait to see where the story went next.   I felt that the pacing of the story lagged some in certain parts but I enjoyed it.



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