Thursday, January 4, 2018

You Never Know What You Will Find on the Journey of Life!

Are you ready for the journey? Pam Jenoff delivers another great novel in the Orphan's Tale.  This story is based off of an account of a real orphan train and a Jewish circus.  It also includes friendship between two unlikely women. This friendship will be test in many ways.


Astrid learns that her Nazi officer husband must divorce her because of her Jewish heritage.  Hitler will not allow his SS officers to be tainted by Jewish blood.  So Astrid journeys back to her roots which began in the circus begins, but when she arrives home her family is gone.  There is a neighboring circus nearby and Astrid visits Mr. Neuhoff the owner and ringmaster to see if he might know something about her family.  He does not but he makes an offer she can’t refuse.  Astrid becomes part of the flying trapeze act in his circus.  She hides in the circus from the Gestapo.   A few years later a women comes to the circus.  Noa has run away from a Nazi train that contained Jewish orphan babies to a concentration camp. She can’t allow the one that is still living to die and she takes him.  Noa escapes to the circus where Mr. Neuhoff offers her a job of working in the circus.  Will she be able to learn the flying trapeze to keep her and the baby safe?  Will Astrid trust her enough as they train to become part of the circus family?

My Thoughts: 

I loved this novel!  I listened to her previous novel Kommandant’s Girl, but I sat down and read this one.  It was an easy read.  Pam Jenoff creates characters that readers can become engrossed in as they read, and follow their journey.  I enjoyed Astrid and Noa’s friendship.  The setting of World War II added to the emotion of these characters and suspense.

I was not thrilled with the ending! 

I look forward to reading the next Pam Jenoff novel!



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