Thursday, September 21, 2017

Joy Callaway Shares a Part of Her History

Thank you to Harper Collins for giving me a copy of Secret Sisters in exchange for an honest review.

I had the opportunity to share Joy Callaway’s debut novel The Fifth AvenueArtists Society. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share Secret Sisters. Joy writes historical fiction and once again she takes from a part of her own history. Secret Sisters tells the story of how female fraternities began in the United States.  Many of us now would know the female group as sororities.


Whitsitt College is one of the few colleges in the Midwest that include women as students. These women are allowed to pick their majors, but not without persecution from the male students and faculty. Most of the women at the college choose the divinity major. These women also have their own social gatherings and are not inclusive of the other women. What happens when a woman chooses a major outside of divinity? This question was asked by a group of women led by Elizabeth Carrington. Shouldn’t they have the right to meet and have a social club of their own?  The women turn to the only fraternity on campus the Iota Gammas for guidance on how to form a fraternity.  They seek help from their leader Grant Richardson, but will he be helpful? Will Whitsitt accept a women’s fraternity?

My Thoughts:

Secret Sisters is a great sophomore effort by author Joy Callaway. I found the characters more engaging and interesting than in her first novel. I loved that the character of Elizabeth Carrington. Readers will love her take charge attitude and her commitment to the cause. Grant and Elizabeth's conflict made for a more interesting read.  It also contributed greatly to the plot to keep readers guessing on whether the women are successful. The pacing worked well in the framework of the novel. It did slow in some spots, but an enjoyable read.

I look forward to Joy Callaway's next novel!  

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