Thursday, August 31, 2017

What Are We GoingTo Be Renovating and Where?

The ladies of Do Over were asking, and waiting for the network to answer this very question. We revisit with some of our favorite characters Maddie, Kyra, Dustin, Nikki, and Deirdre; in Wendy Wax’s book The House at Mermaid Point. Get your tools, some sunscreen, and luggage and head to the Isle of Mermaid Point.


Maddie, Kyra, Dustin, Avery, Nikki, and Deirdre prepare for their next assignment with Do Over.  It is a reality television show they are all under contract to Lifetime network. The head of the network Lisa Hogan enjoys humiliating them in some way during each assignment. The Maddie and the rest of the group thought this would be a home improvement show rather than reality television. William Hightower has just left rehab.  His son informs him that changes will be made to his father Wild William Hightower’s life. The plan is for William’s residence to become a bed and breakfast for him to earn more income.  They sign on with the idea of participating in this Do Over for a discount on the renovations.   Will the network succeed in making it happen? Does William Hightower find more in his future than a bed and breakfast?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book! Wendy Wax has a way of writing her books that make them such easy reads. I also listened to it, and Amy Rubinate did a fabulous job of bringing all the characters to life. The story is set in Mermaid Point down in the Florida Keys. I loved being back with some of my favorite characters. I felt there was one character that I was most proud of it would be Maddie. Her character really blossomed in this book.

One spoiler I loved how she told off her ex-husband. The next book in the series is Sunshine Beach.

I am always ready for whatever Wendy Wax has coming next!



Wendy’s latest novel is another Ten Beach Road Christmas novella Bella Flora Christmas available for preorder.

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