Thursday, May 18, 2017

What Lurks Behind the Veil of Vaudeville?

Welcome Kristy Cambron to Writer’s Corner. I am sharing her latest book TheIllusionist’s Apprentice published by Thomas Nelson. I received no financial compensation for this review.

Kristy Cambron is a very popular author in Inspirational Fiction genre. She just received an Inspy  award nomination for her book The Ringmaster’s Wife. Her other novels are very popular as well.


Horace Stapleton is attempting the grandest illusion of all time. He will try to bring a man back to life that has been dead for many years. When his attempt fails certain key characters are there to witness what happens next. The FBI led by Elliot Matthews and his partner Connor Finnegan. Then there is Wren Lockhart the famed apprentice of Harry Houdini. The FBI feels that Wren knows more than she is willing to share about this grand illusion. Will Elliot be able to unearth her secrets before it is too late? What really happened that day in the cemetery?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book! I found it refreshing style that was different from some of the other authors I have shared here. The Jazz age seems to be a popular era in publishing houses. Ms. Cambron wove the story around the history of her main character Wren Lockhart. Readers know that Wren is important to the story, but do not know how her past impacts the story. It was a satisfying read. She includes a character from history Harry Houdini. Readers can visit the notes at the back to find out more information about how the story was crafted.

Whenever I read someone new I try to follow writing style. A reader will want to understand how the story is structured because it makes for a more entertaining read. I was a little confused by the structure of the story at first. Once I understood it; I very much enjoyed the story. Wren Lockhart is quite the complex character. I thought the author did a great job of revealing her character a little over time. The pacing was good as well!

I look forward to reading more from Kristy Cambron in the future. To learn more about the Inspy Awards and what it does for Christian Fiction.



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