Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome to Your Next Meal!

I know it is early for the beach, but it is time once again to visit Nantucket. This time we will visit the Blue Bistro. A fabulous restaurant on Nantucket, and a  very special place for those who work there. 


Adrienne is starting over. Her last boyfriend stole everything she had to support his drug habit. She was glad to get away from him especially after he cost her job. Her friend Tara suggests she go to Nantucket. Adrienne has worked in many resorts. On her way to Nantucket she meets a man on her ferry who suggests she go to the Blue Bistro for a job. Never having worked in a restaurant she thought she would give it a shot. To her surprise is hired on the spot. She will be the new assistant manager and work the front with Thatcher Smith. Adrienne finds housing with one of the servers Caren. The Blue Bistro is owned by Thatcher Smith and Fiona Kemp. This will be the last season for the restaurant to be open. Will Adrienne be able to start over? Will she finally out run her past and set down roots? Or will it be on to the next location?

My Thoughts:

The Blue Bistro is one of my favorites of @elinhilderbrand. It is a restaurant I would dream about visiting but never be able to afford. Ms. Hilderbrand captures the restaurant life expertly. The readers will learn about Adrienne’s back story throughout the book. The reader will learn to love the family that is the Blue Bistro. Your mouth will water from page to page.

I really  wanted to give this book a five out five. I could not because the ending fell flat for me. I wanted more for Adrienne and I thought she deserved better. I am not giving away the ending. So sit down with your favorite meal and get a copy of the Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand.

Her  recent release Here’s To Us is now out in paperback. She is busy working on the next book in the Winter Street series. 



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