Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How Well Do You Know Your Roommate?

Mary Kubica is the new darling of suspense. I had the honor of meeting her last spring at Fox Tale Book Shoppe. She shared her current title Don’t You Cry. At the time I was intrigued by Ms. Kubica's work because of hearing so much about it. Is she the new master of suspense?


This story has two different points of view. Quinn is the roommate of Esther. When Quinn realizes that Esther is missing, she starts to investigate. She turns her roommate’s bedroom upside down hunting for clues about what has happened to her. She even enlists the aid of a friend from work Ben. As she progresses in her investigation she starts to wonder who her roommate is. And wonders if she might be in danger as well?

The other point of view is Alex’s story. He is the son of the town drunk. His mother left him when a little child. He does odd jobs around town for neighbors and those sympathetic to his cause. Alex sacrificed a full ride scholarship to stay home and take care of his father. One day a mysterious woman comes into town. Alex is drawn to her and even goes as far to meet her. He also shares the story of Genèvieve with her discussing her ghost.  What was she like as a person?  Are these two connected? What will the consequences be to Alex’s for involving himself?

My Thoughts:

This story is very interesting!  If I had read the book; as opposed to listening to it I might have enjoyed the story more.  The narration was done well. The author has a way of bringing that creepiness factor into the story line. As the story progresses the circumstances seem to get more sinister with each step. I knew when the book started that the two storylines between Quinn and Alex are somehow related. I didn’t know how. Once the action sped up in the story I found it more interesting to find out how it would end.

Mary Kubica pick up a copy today of Don’t You Cry. You preorder her next book Every Last Lie.



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