Thursday, January 5, 2017

Who Do You Love?

Who Do YouLove is the most recent novel by @JenniferWeiner. She has more recently published her memoir and a children’s book.  Have you ever had friends that just stick with you through thick and thin?  Rachel and Andy’s story is just that.  A great read for over the holidays!


Rachel was born with a congenital heart problem which keeps her in and out of the hospital.  One night in the hospital she makes her way to the emergency room and meets Andy.  He is there for a broken arm that occurred while on vacation.   They enjoy one another’s  company.   They both grow up in different places but are reunited on a mission’s trip to Atlanta.  Once there a passion grows but will it be enough to unit their differences?  Rachel becomes a social worker and Andy becomes a famous track star.  Will fate end up bringing them together again?

My Thoughts:

I liked the story.  It was not a favorite like some of the other Jennifer Weiner novels.  I thought she did well to write characters with such depth as Andy and Rachel.  The story alternates their points of views.  I thought that the Olympics angle of Andy’s story was very interesting to read.

The story is set in southern Florida where Rachel grew up.  Then it proceeds to Philadelphia and Andy’s story.   It is written with the same sense of humor and grace that Jennifer writers all her novels.

You can find Jennifer’s current work out at your favorite retailers.   Please you can purchase a copy of HungryHeart and The Littlest Bigfoot here. 



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