Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Join the Society and May Your Art Thrive!

Today we will visit The Fifth Avenue Artist Society by Joy Callaway.  It is her debut novel.  I had the honor of meeting Joy back in October.  Her novel reminded me of such novels like The Paris Wife by Paula McLain and Z by Therese Anne Fowler.  So I loved the premise for this novel. 
Virginia Loftin is anticipating a proposal from her friend Charlie.  e.  So what happens when he doesn’t propose to her?  She shuts herself in her room and starts to write.  Her family has concern for her well being. Her brother Franklin tells her to stop mopping and come to this meeting of artists at a friend’s house.  These artists also include writers, musicians, and others.  Virginia soon finds two other writers to work with.  Will her writing flourish under their tutelage?  Will this other John Hopper persue a relationship?  One night at the society a death occurs. What happens when it implicates her brother?  Will their family survive?
My Thoughts: 
I liked this debut novel.  I thought the concept was interesting and I wanted to see Virginia succeed with her writing.  Her character in this novel is unique because it does not fit the typical story arc of a main character.  I am referring to Virgina's choices and how they affect the rest of the story.  I loved that she was a strong character.  I just felt that a little of the romance was missing for me.  I had a hard time staying interested at times in the middle of the novel.  The climax helps bring readers back into the story.   The author also used a little of her background for the story. 
I feel that this debut is worth reading!  I am looking forward to what stories Joy Callaway will share next.  Purchase The Fifth Avenue Artist Society, and learn more visit her website . 

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