Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How It All Began!

We all know Dr. Temperance (Tempe) Brennan from the Fox television show Bones.  Did you know that the television was conceived from @KathyReichbook’s novels?  The debut was Deja Dead. We meet Tempe a little later in life.   I have watched the Bones television show. So naturally I wanted to try one of Kathy Reich’s novels.  What better way than from the beginning?


Tempe is ready to continue her mission to explore Quebec.  She loves walking the streets of Montreal.  There is just one problem.  A sack of bones is found at a monastery.  Tempe must check it out to clear so she can go on vacation.  She must decide if these bones are for archeology to study or criminal case.  These bones are a criminal case.  Tempe starts to study the bones of the first victim.  She notices that these bones have something in common with other cases.  Which then creates more questions such as could it be a serial killer?  How could this impact both Tempe's family and friends?  

My Thoughts:

I liked Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs.  I still don’t know if I would read more of this series now.  I listened to this novel as an audiobook.  The narrator did a great job.  Have you ever watched a television show that you know has been developed from a novel?  Then try to match the characters in the novel with what you see on television? The only theory I have on that is I think her ex-husband in the novel is Booth.   I did not really see anything else that seemed familiar.  The setting for this story is Montreal.  It was interesting learning about the geography of Quebec.  Ms. Reich’s has a strong character in Dr. Temperance Brennan. Dr. Brennan has interesting interactions with other characters she runs into in the story. 

Readers will line up for more in the Bones series.

KathyReich’s next release is Two Nights a departure from her current Dr. Brennan series.   


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